Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where is the love?

Speaking of 'damaging'...For those who still think the US government military/industrial/intelligence complex would never dream of harming Americans:

Who blew up the 'Maine'? Who has tested, for decades, - with often fatal results - scores of biopathogens against countless, unknowing US men, women and children? Who put our troops and public in death's way of radioactive fallout in the 50's and 60's above-ground nuclear testing? Who created 'Operation Northwoods' which proposed killing American airline passengers among many other treasonous acts? Who failed to warn and encouraged the attack on Pearl Harbor? Who killed JFK, RFK, JFK, Jr, Sen Carnahan, Sen Wellstone and countless others who 'got in the way'? What about those 50+ dead microbiologists? Who created/caused GWI which has killed/disabled over 500,000 US troops and their family members? Who used/is using nuclear weapons in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq which have killed/disabled tens of thousands of US troops...and will kill far more than that number with the 'D'U now sown...not to mention the millions of other innocents now dead or dying? Who lied repeatedly about HIV/AIDS? Who has lied/lies repeatedly about mad cow prion disease in our food supply - which is now crawling throughout our environment? Who approved countless deadly pharmaceutical drugs, including deadly toxins like aspartame, and sat by and watched Americans die? And so forth.

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