Monday, January 31, 2005

"the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - li

Like a NEW PEARL HARBOR?? I have heard Bush said 9/11 was a NEW PEARL HARBOR.. feel duped yet??

"I'm not making up this stuff," I said. "It's all talked about openly by the neo-conservatives of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) -- who now are in charge of America's military and foreign policy -- and published as official U.S. doctrine in the National Security Strategy of the United States of America." The talk-show host seemed to gulp, and then replied: "If you really can demonstrate all that, you probably can deny George Bush a second term in 2004." :^(

By: Bernard Weiner

The next congress will decide...

...will decide whether Alberto Gonzales will be our next Attorney General, whether Patriot Act II becomes law, and will have the opportunity to renew or dismiss the controversial USA PATRIOT Act sections that expire in 2005 unless Congress reauthorizes them. "Nothing is more critical right now to the future of civil liberties than encouraging ordinary people to stand up for their rights and for the principles that this nation was founded upon," according to David Cole, Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center.

Save America! Write congress. No PNAC!!

Since 11 September, America has established bases at the gateways to all the major sources of fossil fuels, especially central Asia. The Unocal oil company is to build a pipeline across Afghanistan. Bush has scrapped the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions, the war crimes provisions of the International Criminal Court and the anti-ballistic missile treaty. He has said he will use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states "if necessary". Under cover of propaganda about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, the Bush regime is developing new weapons of mass destruction that undermine international treaties on biological and chemical warfare..

This is not your fathers America. Write your Congress now. Question the PNAC!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Question Authority! Write letters!

Good reading....

Fight for the OZONE!! Before it is too late!

"The meteorological conditions we are now witnessing resemble and even surpass the harsh conditions of the 1999-2000 winter - when the worst ozone loss to date was observed," says Neil Harris at the European Ozone Research Coordinating Unit at the University of Cambridge, UK.

A gaping hole in the Arctic ozone will mean higher levels of UV radiation.

Fight ALL discrimination!!

"Social workers believe in the "inherent worth and dignity of every person".

What a better place our communities would be if all of our leaders believed the same.

There are proposed amendments leading to an organized effort to legalize discrimination against lesbian and gay people throughout the United States.

Despite anti-discrimination laws in some local or state jurisdictions, lesbian and gay people continue to suffer discrimination in housing,employment, access to adequate mental health and health care, socialservices, and immigration and naturalization services.

For one minute, can you walk in another's shoes? What if your son/daughter was gay? What would you do then?

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